MB is the leader in the luxury car market in Thailand, but it's still perceived as being a brand for 'older people who have already achieved success'

With a whole new range of exciting new models - our job was to let young, well-heeled Thais know about these cars and also show that they project the right youthful attitude and lifestyle for a younger generation - without losing our older legacy base


In 2014 we executed this in a number of ways:

So we started with re-vamping our social media - making the content on Facebook/Instagram and You Tube - younger, focused more on the latest models, more consumer centric content and more engaging lifestyle content

Part of this was creating a dedicated lifestyle channel - pulse - with a web site and Facebook covering the latest trends in technology, creativity and entertainment - key pillars of the brand that appeal to a younger generation.

Beyond social content we developed social campaigns to bring a expose a broader online audience to a new face of the brand

These campaigns revealed a new side of Mercedes to our audience, exposing an exciting range of younger/sportier cars and providing them with cool incentives to great destinations for them to go and see/try out the cars for themselves

This link between online and offline is crucial for the Mercedes. Turning a powerful new image into data/traffic and importantly sales leads for the brand in an innovative and exciting way - so ensure every Mercedes event drove not only traffic but sales leads, online and offline


  • All of which, drove Mercedes-Benz to have the best ever sales results in 2014 and beating our competition - increasing sales by 25% in a tough market
  • Significantly, 20% of these sales could be attributed to interest from online activity
  • Ultimately, we showed a youthful side to a 'boring old' brand without damaging it's pedigree as the best or nothing