The brand was launching its new global brand idea "Dirt Is Good" in China - an idea that is a tough sell to Chinese mums.

For many Chinese mums education is good, dirt is not. Their focus is on academic development from an early age. Creative play, getting messy, playing sports take up time that is better spent on any form of education.

Simply put, a child's success is more important than their happiness.

So we created a movement, "Let's Play, China"  featuring Chinese basketball legend Yao Ming. Combining an integrated media strategy across TV, digital enabled OOH, online and mobile all designed to inspire China's mums about the benefits of creative play and imagination and getting outside in the fresh air to aid physical and mental development. 


The OMO Playpal App was developed as a central part of the movement.

While our mums are armed with technology, and over 900,000 apps available to them, there was not one app helping them with ideas to improve their child's creative and physical development - enter OMO's Let's Play China Playpal App.

An immersive, informative, educational and fun app launched by OMO that gives Chinese Mums all the tools she needs for her child to go out get dirty and improve their child's development.

The app combined inspiring content with useful tips, including:

100's of games and activities they could play with their child. The games focused on creative and physical play to aid child's development.

Using location based services to give recommendations on places nearby to take their child as well as group activities taking place so they could play with other kids.

Weather updates and recommendations on activities matching the weather such as indoor activities when raining and outdoor activities when the weather was fine.

Once all the fun was had, the app even included simple stain removal tips using OMO, helping mums clean up with a minimum of fuss.


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Gallery-1 Gallery-2 Gallery-3 Gallery-4 Gallery-5


150 million media impressions across multiple channels

6 million online interactions

200,000 app downloads and counting

Over 3.5 million positive comments shared across social media, with parents getting involved in the campaign and recommending the app to other parents.

OMO is recognized as one of the top 10 international brands in China (Source: Millward Brown Study On International Brands In China For The BBC) amongst the likes of Apple, Mcdonald's, Volkswagen, Nike, L'oreal, Coca-Cola and Samsung.


Cross Media Integration - MMA "The Smarties" China Awards
Social Impact/Not for profit – MMA "The Smarties" China Awards