The Client

Kaiser Permanente is recognized as one of America's leading health care and not-for-profit health plans providers. With over 40 websites, including 4 primary sites  (Thrive, Viva Bien, and SoCal NCal), Kaiser Permanente aims to provide the highest quality health care service to members at an affordable price,

The Challenge

We built 3 separate ADA compliant websites focused on Medicare, Medicaid and Health Insurance plans, that have been tested and certified to meet compliance standards. Our team worked under a fixed date timeline based on Kaiser Permanente's business needs to include screen reader and voice over features to create truly accessible sites.

The Tech

PHP, Wordpress, HTML5, JS, built to support 20%-30%  of IE8 users, and custom animations for compliance purposes. 


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'I'd like to say to you and the whole [Lowe Profero] team that you did a great job with Medicaid 1.0' -- Project Manager, Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy, KP

'They [KP VPs] are very pleased with Lowe Profero's efforts and recognize how much we made happen in such little time with 1.0.' -- Senior Consultant II, Digital Marketing Strategy, KP