Danone Nutriclub

The Client

Owned by Danone,  nutriclub.co.id focuses on providing information and guidance to expecting mothers.  The project centred on disseminating information about baby formula, but the site also features hundreds of articles about the stages of childhood development and how to care for newborns and toddlers. 

The Challenge

The frontend site revisions requested were extensive, and the design specifications required the production of different templates for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.  The project-including backend and frontend integration-was pulled together in less than three months with a very small but very nimble production team.

The Tech

The site utilizes a .NET / Umbraco CMS with Jade, Stylus, coffeescript, javascript and HTML frontend configuration.


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The client projected that the site would draw 100,000 visits in its first month.  Instead, we helped deliver 320,000 visits in the site's first month of existence.