Woolmark exists to create demand for Australian Merino wool with both trade (designers and manufacturers) and consumers. Given the nature of fashion trends, it is important that Wookmark establishes themselves on the global fashion stage to ensure they generate demand amongst fashion influentials who are instrumental driving fashion trends globally.


To establish Woolmark as a global authority on wool fashion, we developed, an online fashion magazine. The site delivers rich in-depth behind the scene stories of the partnerships that Woolmark has with fashion designers and other innovators in wool fashion. The design and editorial approach ensured articles bring to life the craftsmanship and creativity of Woolmark partners, while also reflecting on the quality, versatility and 'premium-ness' of merino wool. 

Designed for mobile from the ground up, we ensured the site experience was fully responsive and mirrored the aesthetic and functional attention to detail of the craftsmen the site was championing. 

Working with AWI, we developed an editorial and translation strategy that empowered their international offices to create and publish a wide range of quality content, while also considering SEO best practice to ensure site authority constantly improved.

Leveraging EpiServer CMS, the platform was developed to ensure the comfortable handling of significant volumes content, multiple markets and languages. Integration with Salesforce allowed for profiles of visitors to be stored and developed for future CRM activity. To accommodate eCommerce, ShopStyle was seamlessly integrated into platform to allow to become a global aggregator of wool fashion.


●      193% increase in global traffic,  +20% repeat visit.

●      112% increase in organic search traffic

●      106% increase in average time spent.


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image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4 image 5